Digital World is an initiative to promote careers in the digital technology industry. It has been developed by Scotland's digital technologies sector and Skills Development Scotland.

Our aim is to meet increasing demand in the jobs market to support the long-term tech industry in Scotland. To do this, we need to inform people about the variety of opportunities in digital technology. There’s so much more to the sector than coding, which is just one of the many rewarding, creative roles that shape our world.

We’re also here to show that careers in digital technology are accessible for all, whether you’re a student, a recent graduate, or looking to change careers. We therefore aim to smash preconceptions about the sorts of people who work in this fast-growing industry. In fact, many of us already have the skills needed to switch to a digital technology career.

Most importantly, we want to inspire people to challenge convention and make a difference with tech. That’s why we highlight the amazing ways digital technology betters lives, and showcase Scotland’s worldwide success stories in the sector.

By following us you will be kept updated, informed and inspired about where a career in digital technology could take you.