Open the door to a life of online crime fighting (for S1 to S3 pupils) in a series of new live and online cyber security lessons. With no technical knowledge needed, these practical classes enhance digital skills, allow pupils to ask the experts how it’s really done, and also showcase the careers available in the cyber security and resilience industry, one of the fastest growing sectors in the world today. 

Lesson 1 - Cyber Skills Live Lesson - How to ‘steal’ a pizza – Ethical Hacking

Thursday 26th September, 2pm-3pm

In this live lesson, learners will step into the shoes of a cyber security consultant and help a national pizza restaurant test their website’s security. They'll work together to detect and analyse real-life security issues, and understand how these could be exploited by cyber criminals.

Lesson 2 - Cyber Skills Live Lesson 2 - How to solve a ‘murder’ – Digital Forensics

Friday 29th November, 11am-12pm

Become a digital detective and see how you can use your digital skills to solve a crime. Start the investigation by collecting, identifying and validating the digital evidence and see if you catch the criminal. This live lesson gives learners the experience of working as a digital forensic specialist.

Lesson 3 - Cyber Skills Live Lesson - Cyber Scotland Week 2020

Tuesday 18th February 2020 11am - 12pm

Will you stop the cyber criminals before time runs out? There is only one way to find out………

Each session is designed to ‘stand-alone’ and learners can tackle any one or all three lessons if they wish. Reasons to get involved include:

  • The cyber industry has the fastest growing salaries in the UK
  • Demand for these skills come from all over the globe
  • It provides an opportunity to work for the greater good
  • There are employment options in a variety of industries

Funded by the UK’s National Cyber Security Strategy Programme, the lessons have been developed by Skills Development Scotland and are part of the Discover Cyber Skills Programme for more information please click here , for more information contact Debbie McCutcheon  for further information on careers in the digital tech sector visit Digital World

Lesson 4 - Cyber Skills Live Lesson - Defend the Power Stations

Friday 27th March 2020 11am – 12noon

In this interactive lesson, learners are going to step into the shoes of a cyber security defence team to defend against a live cyber attack.

Their challenge is to defend Scotland's Power Stations from a Denial of Service attack.

They will be faced with waves of cyber attacks, and only by working together will they be able to stop the attackers