Daryl McKelvie-Whyte is a digital marketing specialist with Glasgow based Vistal Works which uses technology to help people avoid buying fake, illicit and dangerous goods online.

Daryl’s  “digital human” journey highlights the many varied and alternative career paths into the digital tech sector.

The 24 year old left school and went to straight to University to study psychology and sociology, then spent time as a support worker with Action for Children, then returned to education to study a masters in publishing, before ending up as a digital marketing expert with tech start up VistalWorks.

"your non-techy skills are so needed, and so transferable into this world.”


“I’m living proof that all sorts of skills and experiences are transferable into the technology sector. It’s not all about the technical skills. In fact, working in my particular area, my lack of technical skills is a real help. Part of my job is to act as a bridge between the techies and our consumers, so I’m in a position to ask the right questions and get the right clarity on their behalf."

Glasgow-based Vistalworks helps people avoid buying fake, illicit and dangerous goods online. Daryl looks after digital marketing and content creation for the successful start-up.

“I only started this job in November last year, but I absolutely love it. I’ve learned so much in such a short space of time. I’m the least technically minded out of the whole company, but they have been so supportive, recognising that I have a different approach and offer different skills to enhance the Vitsalworks offer,” enthused Daryl.

Despite working in a very technical area, in a very digitally focused job, it’s the “people come first approach” that appeals to her about working in technology. “Yes I use digital skills and tools to communicate with our customers, and it’s extremely important you keep up to date with these, but first and foremost it’s the human and people skills , enhanced by our technology, that really make this job so enjoyable.”




Daryl also loves the fact she can work in the sector without having to move away from Glasgow. “This city is the prefect base for tech start-ups. The diversity and creativity in this city is unique. Add in that real “can do” spirit, and you have the perfect environment for digital tech companies, and in turn digital humans, to really flourish.”

As well as loving Glasgow, she cannot recommend working in the tech sector highly enough. “It’s fun, its fresh, its dynamic, its creative, and you get to work with great people. My advice to anyone considering becoming a digital human is….DO IT!

“Be open to opportunities, and realise your non techy skills are so needed, and so transferable into this world. Organisational skills, creativity, collaboration, problem solving skills and the like are all essential for our tech companies.”

Daryl concluded. "The digital tech sector globally, but also here in Glasgow, has the ability to change lives for the better. There is no better sector to work in if you want to have a career which can make a genuine difference in the world.”