CAD Technician

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Currently Employed in Scotland

What is a CAD Technician

You could be creating the prototype for the next breakthrough product or changing the landscape of your town or city.

Top 3 job tasks:

  • Creating high-quality drawings as specified by architects and designers.
  • Converting those drawings into scaled 2D and 3D CAD models.
  • Calculating project costs and timescales using CAD software.

Getting in and Qualifications


You can become qualified for CAD Technician roles through a number of different routes.

Useful subjects:

  • Computer Science
  • Graphic Communication
  • Physics

Entry requirements for courses can change. Always contact the college, university or training provider to check exactly what you will need.


Relevant HNC, HND and degree subjects include:

  • Engineering
  • Computer-aided design and technology
  • Architecture
  • Computer Science

In addition, a portfolio of previous computer-aided design work can demonstrate to an employer the required skills and abilities for the job.

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