Multimedia developers create multimedia or interactive content, using text, sound, graphics, video and animation, for a wide variety of products used to educate, entertain or assist its users. Alternative job titles include multimedia programmer and interactive media developer

  • Audio-visual technician

    An audio-visual technician is tasked with setting up and operating the multimedia systems and equipment to make meetings, conferences, exhibitions and events successful, engaging and dynamic.   

  • CAD technician

    A CAD technician uses computer aided design software to create plans and 3D designs of buildings, products and machinery to help engineers and design team members better understand their construction.

  • Digital Imaging Specialist

    Digital imaging specialists scan, manipulate and correct digital images, retouching, altering and enhancing them for use across multiple digital platforms.

  • Graphic Designer/ Developer

    A graphic designer works with a client or Art Director to develop graphics and visual for product illustrations, logos, and websites.

  • Multimedia Developer

    Multimedia developers generate and manipulate digital media such as images, videos, gifs and sound files to create new online media applications.

  • SEO Consultant

    A Search Engine Optimisation or 'SEO' consultant's role involves the optimsation of an organisations online profile to achieve higher search rankings, improve online visibility, improve conversion and ensure their organisation remains ahead of the competition.

  • Social Media Community Manager

    A social media community manager develops and implements social strategies for organisations. The role includes content planning, creation and publication. It also involves campaign analysis and reporting to monitor engagement.

  • Social media manager

    A social media manager implements a company’s social media marketing which can include developing brand awareness, generating inbound traffic, cultivating leads and sales, blogging and community participation.

  • Video Editor

    A video editor brings together visuals, music and sound effects to produce content to be shown in broadcast formats or as online films. They work as part of a post-production team.

  • Web Editor

    A web editor writes and publishes pages for a website. The content would be researched, written and presented in a way that best engaged and informed the website’s target audience.