Games Development

Like to learn about the software development and production behind video games? It’s a process that can involve as many as 100 people including writers, designers, programmers, artists, composers and testers.

  • Games Programmer

    A games programmer develops the codebase for a game. A programmer might be a software engineer, programmer, or computer scientist.

  • Computer Graphics Animator

    A computer graphics animator creates animated images using computer graphics. This would involve the use of various software applications in both 2D and 3D to create a finished animation for use in visual identities, broadcast or gaming formats.

  • Games Designer

    The role of a games designer is to create how a game will look and be played.

  • Games Tester

    A computer games tester plays games once developed to spot any bugs and mistakes that need to be fixed before the game goes on sale.

  • AI Programmer

    The AI (artificial intelligence) programmer works within a game development team to design and develop technology in games to enable characters to display human-like characteristics. This includes guidelines as to how a character will respond to a players commands.