One of the first and best-known digital careers. A web developer combines design and computing skills to build and maintain websites for individuals and large organisations. You wouldn’t be reading this without them.

  • Accessibility Specialist

    An accessibility specialist's role is to ensure an organisation's online presence adheres to accessibility standards. These ensure all individuals are able to access online services regardless of any physical or mental impairment they may suffer from.

  • Back-end Web Developer

    A back-end developer specialises in the set up and maintenance of the 'back-end' of a web application which generally includes a server, an application, and a database. Back-end developer support front-end developers to ensure the content is stored, served and organised correctly.

  • Content Manager

    A content manager's role is to plan, collate, create and manage content for an online platform such as a website or mobile app.

  • Digital Project Manager

    A digital project manager runs a technical development project from start to finish. They will work with key stakeholders to determine scope and manage a team of designers, developers, UX and testers to ensure timely and efficient implementation of the technical solution.

  • Front-end Developer

    A front end developer produces HTML, CSS and JavaScript for a website or web application so that an end-user can see and interact with them directly.

  • Interaction Designer

    An interaction designer focuses on creating engaging web interfaces ensuring the end user experiences a logical and intuitive journey through a website or application.

  • Mobile Application Developer

    Mobile applications or 'apps' developers create software solutions for use on mobile devices, working with software engineers, digital designers and digital analysts.There are multiple mobile development platforms including Apple and Android and apps are developed according to end user requirements.

  • Web Analyst

    A web analyst creates data entry procedures, manages data integrity and system security as well as providing data analysis to inform an organisation of web performance. 

  • Web Designer

    A web designer plans, creates and codes web pages. This process includes creativity and technical skills to produce websites that fit the end user's requirements.

  • Web Developer

    A web developer designs, builds and maintains websites and web applications of diverse scale and scope for clients in both the private and public sectors.