Chemical Sciences

The chemical sciences industry ranges from biotechnologies and pharmaceuticals, agrichemicals and pigments, to refining and petrochemicals.

Pouring chemicals into a beaker

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Dropping chemicals into test tubes

Since 2002, the chemical sciences industry has increased by 148% - meaning 17% of Scottish exports come from the sector.

A beaker filled with chemicals

Chemical science apprenticeships are set to increase by another 300 places in the future.

Career ideas for your future

How to become a

Development Chemist

Combine science and creativity to create state-of-the-art products at the cutting edge of innovation.

How to become a

Materials Analysis Engineer

Research and develop strategies to improve material quality and guard against failures or contamination.

How to become a

Automation Test Specialist

Experiment with code to unlock its full potential by writing tests that ensure exciting new products will work and make a difference.

How to become a

Data Scientist

Become a trendsetter in the world of big data with your finger on the pulse of data analytics.

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