As we move into an age powered by data and technology, cyber security is more important than ever.

Cyber security is a serious business with lots of exciting new jobs on offer. Companies large and small, all over the world, are making sure they are prepared for possible cyber attacks. The last thing they want is their reputation damaged through bad press. Find out more and see if a career in cyber security could be for you. 


If you’re a company - large or small, charity of public sector - it's not a matter of if you will be hacked, but a matter of when!

One of the best ways to ensure you're cyber resilient is to employ an apprentice who is dedicated to meeting your cyber security needs in a bespoke and value for money way.

A cyber security apprentice will be able to block all phishing and whaling attacks; conduct penetration testing; deliver cyber incident response; reverse engineer malware, and enhance your security architecture.

So get ready, and be prepared, by taking on a cyber security apprentice NOW…before it’s too late. 

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Cyber Skills Programme - Live Online Sessions

The 2018/19 programme of Cyber Live lessons is now finished, however all the recorded lessons from the last two years can be accessed here

Each lesson is designed to ‘stand-alone’....... learners can tackle them all, or cherry pick the ones that best suit them. .

Reasons to get involved include:
  • The cyber industry has the fastest growing salaries in the UK
  • Demand for these skills come from all over the globe
  • It provides an opportunity to work for the greater good
  • There are employment options in a variety of industries
The lessons are great fun and give a real taste of a cyber career.



Routes to Cyber Careers

There are lots of different pathways to a job in cyber security. Consider all your options and think about the route that's right for you. 

  • Work Experience - An ideal way to experience the working environment. 
  • Further Education - Access training and learning to succeed as a cyber expert. 
  • Higher Education - Specialised education to open new doors. Course search
  • Apprenticeship -  Get practical, hands on experience.
  • Jobs - Make an impact right away, by going straight into employment. Job search
  • Volunteer - Develop essential skills whilst helping a cause. 


Real people stories

There's no better way to get an understanding of a job than from hearing directly from someone in that role. The stories from these young cyber professionals also show that there's more than one path to a career in cyber security. 


Alex, 20, Modern Apprentice, BT

"I don’t see any differences and don’t feel at a disadvantage, if a woman wants to work in this industry she can. There are a lot of senior managers here who are women." Read more  


Chelsea, 25, Head of Information Security, Education Scotland

"I urge any young woman considering a career in IT to never be held back or put off this field because of the current gender gap or stereotype associated with IT.   I will continue to challenge the IT stereotype, and I hope to see many more women joining the IT or cyber security profession." Read more


Gordon, 26, Modern Apprentice, BT

"I enjoy being hands on and accessing and fixing pieces of hardware that are located far away, it’s mainly elsewhere in the UK but we have clients all over the world.  There’s a sense of achievement after you’ve logged in to a piece of equipment and got it up and running again." Read more


Chloe, Advanced Analyst, SecureWorks

"Cybersecurity is highly dynamic so it never gets boring. The faster technology changes, the faster you need to respond to attacks. New threats are always appearing and the work is never repetitive." Read more




Teachers have an important role to play in supporting young people to explore their career options. We've created a Teacher's Toolkit to help introduce cyber careers within the classroom. Packaged to fit within the lesson, the activities are fun and engaging. 


Working with Cyber experts we've created a series of lesson plans that can be easily used in the classroom.


As part of your classroom toolkit you can also use our 'Meet the Expert' videos. A great way to get a more detailed understanding of the jobs that cyber experts do. 



















Marketing materials

We have created this A6 fold out leaflet to provide an engaging introduction to cyber security careers.If you would likie to order these for your classroom please get in touch with