A Guide To Digital Graduate Apprenticeships

During Scottish Apprenticeship Week, the Digital Economy Minister Kate Forbes visited Swarm Online to meet with Iza Ledzka, who is studying a BSc in Software Development for Business at Heriot Watt University.

We interviewed Iza, Simon from Swarm, Gill from HWU and the Minister so you can hear about the benefits of the apprenticeship programme from very different perspectives - an employee, an employer, the University and of course the Government. 

For further information about apprentices, and to see a current list of all digital apprenticeship opportunites available today, visit apprenticeship.scot.


Iza Ledzka "I attend University two days a week, but also work....and I am being paid full time wages while studying"



Simon Mone, Swarm Online: "I would recommend any company takes on a Graduate Apprentice....it's been a fantastic addition to our cabilities"


Dr Gill Murray, HWU: "Apprentices are great for filling the skills gap, but also for building long term links for innovation and productivity in the future".


Ms Kate Forbes, Digital Economy Minister, Scottish Government: "Great to see young people in Scotland choosing to do apprenticeships in coding and cyber security"