Chloe, Advanced Analyst, SecureWorks


Is this your first industry job? What did you study? 

I’ve been with SecureWorks for two years and started fresh out of uni. I studied Digital Forensics at Abertay University and SecureWorks ran an open day for students. That’s how I found out about the company and I applied for a job there when I graduated. 


When I was at school I wanted to study radiography. In the end I didn’t get the grades so I looked at clearing options instead and found the Digital Forensics course. I read up on it and it sounded really interesting so I decided to go for it. I loved the course, especially third and fourth year when I was able to go much deeper into the forensics part of it. 


Cybersecurity is highly dynamic so it never gets boring. The faster technology changes, the faster you need to respond to attacks. New threats are always appearing and the work is never repetitive. 



What do you enjoy most about your job? 

I love being surrounded by people who are passionate about the job they do. The beauty of SecureWorks is that we have so many specialist teams, all just a message away, so you learn a lot. It’s a welcoming place and there’s a real emphasis on sharing knowledge - although I’ve only been with the company for two years I’ve had the chance to mentor new hires which has helped my own development. I also have the opportunity to travel and work from our international offices. 


What opportunities do you see in cybersecurity careers in future, given the increase in attacks in recent years? Can you share any career advice? 

Attacks are becoming more and more common so there’s a constant demand for skilled people. Filling roles is difficult so there’s a big opportunity there, especially if you start learning at a young age. I’d recommend that students take up any networking opportunities offered through their course and speak to as many people in the industry as possible. There are so many different jobs in cybersecurity and you have to find your niche. 


Explore your curiosity and don’t be afraid to break things but keep it ethical!