Gordon, age 26, Modern Apprentice, BT


What area do you work in? 

I mainly work with firewalls for banks and the financial sector and also remediation where I investigate systems that aren’t working and try to get to the root cause of any issues.  


How did you get into the tech sector? 

I did chemistry at university and had a job in environmental consultancy but was looking for a change in career. I saw an advert for the modern apprenticeship with BT and it seemed like a good place to be. There was no age restriction, so I took the plunge. Applying was straightforward and I went to the assessment day. I now sit next to two of the people of the people I met at the interview and have the chance to learn from people who have lots of experience and are very knowledgeable. 

I studied advanced higher computing at school but never did anything with it, although I have always been interested in computing and taking things apart. I’m now doing something I really enjoy. 


What does your apprenticeship involve? 

I study at De Montfort University in Leicester for one or two weeks a month – in total we spend 24 weeks there over two years. It is a good networking opportunity as you get to meet people who work with BT all over the UK, not just in Scotland. There’s a whole host of areas within security and we get tasters of other areas of the business. It’s quite a dynamic programme and there is scope to focus on various different areas. 


What does your job involve? 

It varies day to day. There’s a lot of problem solving and making sure we have the right resources in the right place. 


What do you enjoy about your job? 

I enjoy being hands on and accessing and fixing pieces of hardware that are located far away, it’s mainly elsewhere in the UK but we have clients all over the world.  There’s a sense of achievement after you’ve logged in to a piece of equipment and got it up and running again. I also have the opportunity to learn from people who are extremely knowledgeable and to put what I learn into practice. 


Where do you see yourself in a few years? 

I see my future here at BT. There are a lot of opportunities to across BT so hopefully I’ll have a team leader type role with a team to manage and be doing well in my field.