Subjects and skills to get started in a digital career


Choosing the right subjects at school is an important decision, and the choices you make now can help you get started on your career path once you are ready to enter the world of work.


Why tech?

Not everyone knows exactly what kind of job or career they would like to do while they are still at school. But, if you are thinking about a career in one of Scotland’s fastest growing industries - digital technology- it's worthwhile trying to match your subjects to potential career options in the future. To help get you started, My World of Work offers a great subject choices tool that can help you choose the right subjects for a career in tech, and to understand how the subjects you enjoy the most can benefit you when working in this sector.


As the industry continues to develop and evolve, you must prepare yourself for roles that may not exist yet. Just think, there are so many things that didn’t exist 10 years ago that we take for granted today such as Google Chrome, WhatsApp and iPads. These all rely on people creating new technology using digital skills. There could be job roles you’ve never heard of, so keep an open mind about how you could start a career in tech.


What subjects will help me get started?

Naturally, computing is a great subject to help you understand more about the industry. Subjects such as maths, science, English and art will also teach you many valuable skills needed for a digital career. For example, tech jobs require a lot of teamwork, leadership and organisational skills. Tech companies are always looking for communicators with excellent verbal and writing skills, so if you are good at English there will certainly be an opportunity for you.


Digital roles are often very creative so don’t be put off if you think you aren’t ‘techie’. Whether you are interested in fashion and design, music or even history, every industry is becoming increasingly reliant on technology and looking for skilled digital workers.


To find out how you can start planning for a rewarding career in this industry, consider what subjects you really enjoy doing, and how they could apply to digital. If you are particularly good at certain subjects but are unsure how they could help you get started in the tech industry, it’s worth doing your research to fully understand your options.


What else can I do?

Another great option to consider is undertaking a Foundation Apprenticeship.  If you are going into the 5th year this can be taken as one of your subject choices, is the same level as a Higher qualification and recognised by universities. You could take a Foundation Apprenticeship in Hardware and System Support, Software Development or Creative and Digital Media to get real-life work experience and take your first steps into a digital career.


It’s never too early to start considering thinking about your career options and preparing yourself for the jobs of the future. Speak to your school careers adviser to arrange a one-to-one session ahead of making your S2/S3 subject choices. If you haven’t already, go to to explore your options and prepare.