What cyber security job could you do?

It doesn’t matter if you know very little about cyber security; we are here to help you get to know the types of training and jobs that are out there. Cyber security is a growing industry in Scotland and in our digital and connected world, there is a demand for skilled people to fight cyber crime.


Are you a keen detective? Do you like solving problems and puzzles? If the answer is yes, then a career in cyber security could be for you.


Nowadays, more of our data is kept online and stored digitally using cloud technology, which can be vulnerable to a cyber attack. The industry needs skilled and talented individuals to keep our data safe. Working in cyber security is a rewarding and fast-paced career option with lots of opportunities to progress not to mention competitive salaries. And job satisfaction – knowing you are keeping people’s data safe and more secure.


Knowing code isn’t necessary to get started and there are so many roles you probably haven’t heard of such as a Chief Information Officer, Intrusion Analyst, Malware Reverse Engineer, Forensic Analyst, and even a Targeted Attack Specialist. 


Think it might be for you?


There are a few different routes into a career in cyber security. There are several undergraduate university courses in Cyber Security across Scotland from a degree in Computer Security & Forensics at Edinburgh Napier University to Ethical Hacking at Abertay University.

There are also opportunities for you to kick-start your career in cyber security with an apprenticeship. There are currently three types: a Foundation Apprenticeship in Hardware and System Support, a Modern Apprenticeship in Information Security and a Graduate Level Apprenticeship in Cyber Security. 


Foundation Apprenticeship in Hardware and System Support


A Foundation Apprenticeship starts when you are in 5th year at school. The Hardware and System Support  Foundation Apprenticeship helps you discover what a career in ICT and digital technologies would be like, and if it’s right for you. You’ll try different hardware and support job roles, shadow experienced staff, or do a special project. You’ll learn practical skills and gain relevant work experience.


Modern Apprenticeship in Information Security


You can start an Information Security Modern Apprenticeship once you have left school. This apprenticeship will give you the skills you need to protect consumers, companies and governments from cyber attacks by criminals. You will fight online crime and keep data safe. There are several different roles you could apply for including a database administrator, system analyst or an IT security coordinator. Once you’ve gained more experience you could even become a network manager or a forensic computer analyst.


Graduate Level Apprenticeship in Cyber Security


With a Graduate Level Apprenticeship in Cyber Security you will work your way towards a degree over four years. You’ll do more than studying to gain your degree; you will learn valuable skills from on the job training, which will form the practical side to your training. 

The skills you will learn: identifying, analysing and evaluating security threats and hazards to systems and recommending and implementing appropriate cyber security defences against identified attack techniques. This qualification could lead you to many exciting job roles as a malware analyst, cyber security risk advisor or security engineer to name but a few of the roles available.


Visit apprenticeships.scot for more information about apprenticeships in Scotland and the latest vacancies available right now.