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Cyber Security

Although a sub set of Digital Technology, cyber security merits its own mention because it is such a vital service.  Find out about the range of opportunities available by using our cyber security careers map.

Or, check out our explainer animations for further information on the jobs available, the skills needed and education pathways to a career in cyber. 

Digital security

Career ideas for your future

How to become a

Penetration Tester

Use hacking skills to protect computer systems, rather than disrupt, as you uncover vulnerabilities in some of the world's most important networks.

How to become a

Risk Adviser

Become a part of key decisions in a company and help mould businesses into safer and more successful places to work.

How to become a

Security Consultant

Improve and protect people's lives online, creating secure environments for businesses and users to interact with.

How to become a

DevSecOps Developer

Find the strategies behind some of the world's most influential tech companies and adapt them to empower your team to even greater success.

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