Cyber Security Careers

Our digital world is powered by technology. From exchanging messages to turning on the lights, we rely on technology without realising the impact it has on our lives, and we need to protect it.

A career in Cyber Security means that you will play a key role in protecting our digital world. There are many different opportunities where you can make a difference. Here are some of the common job roles found today.

Common feeder roles into Cyber Security can include:

  • IT Networking
  • Software Development
  • Systems Engineering
  • Financial and Risk Analysis
  • Security Intelligence/ Law Enforcement

The Cyber Security Industry continues to grow rapidly with many new and exciting jobs emerging all the time.

Technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, and Virtual Environments will have an impact on Cyber Security roles.

There's more to cyber than just technical skills.

Soft skills are just as vitally important enabling individuals to perform highly in the ever-changing world of work:

Self Management

  • Focusing
  • Integrity
  • Adapting
  • Initiative

Social Intelligence

  • Communicating
  • Feeling
  • Collaborating
  • Leading


  • Curiosity
  • Creativity
  • Sense making
  • Critical thinking