Development Chemist

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What is a Development Chemist

Working as a development chemist brings you the best of both worlds: using your science skills and creative talents. You could be creating anything from a new polymer for a prosthetic leg to new, life-changing chemicals.

Top 3 job tasks

  • Design original products that can help different businesses improve their services.
  • Sample and test new materials on a regular basis.
  • Present research findings to suppliers and identify new product opportunities.

Getting in and Qualifications


There are different ways to start a career as a Development Chemist. You can do a science-based apprenticeship, degree or gain work experience in a lab.

Useful subjects:

  • Chemistry
  • Science technologies
  • Chemical engineering

A Foundation Apprenticeship in Science Technologies or in Food and Drink Technologies in S5 or S6 could help you progress to become a Development Chemist.


A Development Chemist often has a degree in science or a specialist subject like polymer chemistry.

As the role requires a lot of experience, it is useful to have done lab work and practical science research.

Entry requirements for courses can change. Always contact the college, university or training provider to check exactly what you will need.