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About Digital World

Digital World is an initiative to promote careers in the digital technology industry. It has been developed by Scotland's digital technologies sector and Skills Development Scotland.

Our aim is to meet increasing demand in the jobs market to support the long-term tech industry in Scotland. To do this, we need to inform people about the variety of opportunities in digital technology. There’s so much more to the sector than coding, which is just one of the many rewarding, creative roles that shape our world.

Answering your big questions

We talked to a group of young people and asked them what they really wanted to know about jobs in Digital Technology. Here are their questions – and we’ve found the answers. 


What will I get paid?


You’ll be glad to know that you can expect to earn, on average, £37,500. That’s higher than the Scottish average! Digital technology workers in Edinburgh, are among the highest paid in the UK. They earn an average salary of more than £51,000.

Subjects and Skills for Digital


You don’t need to wait until you’re finished school to start thinking about working in the Digital World. You can do things now that will help lead you to a fantastic career. Here’s how to prepare for your career whilst you’re still at school.


Subject choices


First things first, although it’s an obvious choice, Computing Science can really help but it’s not the be all and end all.

The Tech Glossary


The Digital World has thousands of opportunities to learn and develop but as it moves quickly, it can be tough to keep up with all the terminology. We’ve picked out a few important terms to help you understand it a bit more.


Who works in Digital?

Alex Humphry-Baker, a User Experience designer from Edinburgh gives her thoughts on working in Digital technology and why she thinks it is one of the most exciting industries to be in in Scotland!

To find out more about the sort of people who work in tech across Scotland, watch our Humans of Digital case studies.

The Art of Teenage Coding

Coding is difficult and takes time to learn but it can be extremely valuable.

All over the world there are different languages and it’s exactly the same with Code. It’s important to understand that computers talk to each other in different languages. With the right code and enough time and practice you’ll be able to develop apps, games, websites for all kinds of technologies.

So for example, if you want to make an app that tells you about animals for your iPhone, then you’ll need to learn Cocoa, the language of Apple.

Digital Career Mythbusters


Myth 1: You need to know how to code


In some careers coding can be really useful and in others it's absolutely necessary. Jobs in the digital industry do vary greatly but it’s important to understand what code does and what it’s ultimately for.