Digital Career Mythbusters

Are you thinking about a career in Digital and want to know more about the industry? Have a look at our Myth busting answers below…


Myth 1: You need to know how to code


In some careers coding can be really useful and in others it's absolutely necessary. Jobs in the digital industry do vary greatly but it’s important to understand what code does and what it’s ultimately for.

In some cases you don’t need to be an expert. Businesses that use tech don’t just need developers and coders, they also need to fill roles like Project Managers, Digital Marketers and Data Analysts. So if you’re interested in digital there are lots of ways that you can get into Scotland’s most exciting industry.


Myth 2: They don’t pay well

Compared to the national average of £28,000, the digital industry is pretty well paid with its average earnings coming in around £37,500.

According to a recent report, having digital skills is well worth it. Digital jobs and activity are becoming more important even in apparently non-digital industries. Positions in Digital on average in the UK could command a salary £15,000 more than non-digital jobs.


Myth 3: There’s no jobs in Scotland



More and more digital businesses are basing themselves right here in Scotland. The likes of FanDuel and SkyScanner both started up here. Rockstar Games, creators of Grand Theft Auto, and other global tech companies such as Microsoft and Amazon also have major hubs here. Dundee is renowned as the birthplace of the Scottish games industry, with Grand Theft Auto and other successful games like Lemmings having started life there.

Around 75% of digital tech businesses operate outside of London, according to the report, and many of these are found in places known as tech clusters, Scotland is certainly one of them.


Myth 4: The jobs won’t be around for long

Job opportunities are opening up everyday! Digital World predicts that there will be 12,800 new jobs in the industry every year until 2024!

It’s growing so quickly that employers in the technology sector can’t find enough people with the right attributes for the positions available. In a recent study by Tech Futures, 50% of tech businesses in Britain reported that it was difficult to find suitably skilled people for their businesses.


Myth 5: Women aren't in the industry


Kate Ho is a games designer, developer, and managing director at Tigerface Games and Interface3. She says “everyone uses technology nowadays and therefore everyone has an opinion and is qualified to work in tech.” Her success has proven that it’s not just men who can be successful in the industry.

There’s never been a better time for more women to enter the industry. Almost half of employers said that they had lost business due to not being able to fill their posts because there weren’t enough skilled people.