Financial Services

Financial services are a broad range of businesses that manage money. Companies tend to cluster in key financial centres such as Edinburgh, London, New York City and Tokyo.

Financial services

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Around 100,000 Scottish employees work in the Financial Services sector.

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The sector represents approximately 8% of the total Scottish onshore economy.

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Technical Writer

Take complex ideas and turn them into simple and straightforward concepts in a job where learning is at the heart of what you do.

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Service Designer

Take a love for design and invention and use it to build services that create a meaningful difference in people's lives.

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Solution Architect

Solve problems, using creativity and curiosity to find new ways to tackle the variety of challenges facing modern businesses.

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Machine Learning Engineer

Become a pioneer of technology, working to improve our world by developing systems that teach machines how to learn and improve by themselves.

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Solution Consultant

Become an engaging and confident spokesperson to inspire businesses and customers to discover new digital products and services.

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