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Quality Assurance Scientist

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quality assurance

What is a Quality Assurance Scientist

Quality assurance involves the analysis and evaluation of goods to make sure they meet high safety standards. This could involve you analysing a new kind of perfume or investigating the design process of an innovative insect repellent.

Top 3 job tasks:

  • Investigate the quality of unique products and make sure they are safe.
  • Assess scientific product trends and identify new sales opportunities.
  • Develop strategies that can improve product analysis.

Getting in and Qualifications


Quality Assurance Scientists often have a science degree in a related field. You can do an apprenticeship or develop lab skills with a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry.

Practical work experience in a lab can improve your chances of finding a job in the industry. It is also common for Quality Assurance Scientists to gain higher qualifications such as a Masters or PH.D in chemistry.

You may also choose to undertake an apprenticeship in Scientific Technologies or Pharmacy Services. This means you gain work experience while also working towards a qualification.




Entry requirements for courses can change. Always contact the college, university or training provider to check exactly what you will need.