Transfer into a Career in Tech with Skills you already have

At first the prospect of retraining probably seems quite daunting. It’s not. Most of the skills you already have are just as relevant in the digital world. All you need to do is add some digital strings to your bow. Do that and the potential for success and job satisfaction is immeasurable.

Starting a new career is exciting but it can be intimidating if you don’t have a strong background in your new chosen field. Jobs in tech are suitable for people from all walks of life and you might be surprised how many transferable skills you have under your belt that will help you enter this growing industry.


If your background is in a creative discipline such as music or writing, you might not consider yourself a “computer person”. However, creative thinkers are widely sought after in the digital and technology industry, and considered a vital part of any project. Creative thinkers are often excellent problem solvers and great at using original and unconventional approaches to come up with new ideas. They are also unafraid to try different solutions and concepts – helping businesses stay fresh and keep ahead of the competition. When working in the fast paced and ever changing world of tech, workers who can come up with new innovations and goals quickly, are integral to the success of any company.


Skilled communicators are greatly valued in the industry, and often the key to bridging the gap between a great idea and the final product. If you are able to articulate technical concepts and strategies in a way that a consumer or business person can understand, your input will be crucial to the success of a project. Talented writers and engaging speakers will be able to find a fulfilling role in this industry.

Organisational skills

Jobs in tech are often project focused and involve constant multi-tasking. It’s a fast paced and dynamic environment to work in, so great planning and organisational skills are essential. Tech companies are always on the lookout for detail-orientated employees, capable of managing various tasks to different deadlines. Global tech companies must ensure they work as efficiently as possible to keep ahead in a competitive environment. If you can help a business to plan the most effective way to devote their resources to projects, you will be a great asset.


When working in the tech sector, you will often work as part of a team, or even multiple teams at the same time. Excellent team players are essential to ensure everyone is supported, vital relationships are built and maintained, and knowledge is shared appropriately. Employees must be confident in adapting to working with different people from diverse professional backgrounds, have strong interpersonal skills and great leadership qualities to keep the project on track.

The opportunities, rewards and diversity in the digital world are exciting and wide-ranging. Build your digital human and find out what jobs are out there and get a taste of what could be a brilliant digital future.