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Meet the Experts

These 1 hour recorded or live events allow students to engage with tech experts from a wide variety industries to learn about potential career opportunities. The target audience for these lessons tends to be S1-S3 but anyone is welcome to sign up. 

Discover Tech Skills - Live Lessons

Open the door to a life of online crime fighting in a series of new live and online cyber security lessons for P7-S4. With no technical knowledge needed, these practical classes enhance digital skills, allow pupils to ask the experts how it’s really done, and also showcase the careers available in the cyber security and resilience industry, one of the fastest growing sectors in the world today. 

Lesson 5 - Hide Secret Messages Using Tech

Your class is invited to learn how to prevent cyber crime whilst having fun using technology.

Steganography is the science of hiding information. You can use steganography to hide secret messages inside what looks like an innocent photograph. Cyber criminals use this technique to secretly communicate with each other, so it is important that more people understand this devious use of science and technology. 

Join us for this interactive lesson to discover how steganography works and your learners will be challenged to use digital tools to uncover secret messages hidden inside digital images. 

Wednesday 29th March, 2pm-3pm…




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cyber pilot


All our lessons, including Rob a Bank, Defend the Hospital and Crack a Million Passwords can be found here. 



* Education Scotland Curriculum for Excellence – Outcomes and Experiences

SQA National 3 Computing Science

SQA National 4 Computing Science

SQA National 5 Computing Science

SQA National Progression Award in Cyber Security SCQF Level 4

SQA National Progression Award in Cyber Security SCQF Level 5

SQA National Progression Award in Cyber Security SCQF Level 6