Engineering primarily deals with the design, manufacture and operation of structures, machines or devices.


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It’s estimated that UK engineering companies will need 182,000 people with the right skills each year by 2022.


Twice the number of graduates and apprentices are needed than currently work in the engineering industry.

Career ideas for your future

How to become a

Robot Programmer

Push the boundaries of what is possible and work with the future of technology.

How to become a

3D Printing Specialist

Combine engineering and design knowledge to work in a sector that has been revolutionised by new technology.

How to become a

AR and VR Programmer

Revolutionise the landscape of technology by changing the way people interact with the world.

How to become a

Remanufacturing Engineer

Use a passion to protect the environment to make changes and work towards a greener future.

How to become a

Alternative Energy Engineer

Create an environmentally sustainable future by maximising the efficiency of renewable sources such as wind, solar and geothermal energy.

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