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Finance Analyst

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Currently Employed in Scotland

What is a Finance Analyst

Financial analysis is an industry that’s ideal for anyone with a business mentality. Finance Analysts help company directors and industry leaders make big decisions about their money.

It’s achieved through analysing data and predicting financial trends. As a Finance Analyst, you can have the flexibility to work in different industries, such as technology, marketing and banking.

Top 3 job tasks:

  • Help to determine a company’s value.
  • Research and identify investment opportunities.  
  • Evaluate financial trends and create an effective investment strategy.

Getting in and Qualifications


An understanding of economics is a key skill of a Finance Analyst. Studying for a degree in economics or accountancy is worthwhile because you can improve your business knowledge.

Mathematics is a desirable skill for Finance Analysts. A qualification in business administration is also helpful because it can provide practical experience for a business setting. 

An apprenticeship in Business Administration, Professional Services or Data Science are other useful options.


There are opportunities to become members of financial professional organisations like CFA UK.

You can also earn an Investment Management Certificate with CFA UK.

Entry requirements for courses can change. Make sure you contact the college, university or training provider to find out about the necessary information.