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You may be worried you don't have the skills to interact with a class of learners. But remember you’re an industry professional, not a teacher. What you bring to the classroom is real-life experience of working in the digital world, giving pupils a chance to interact with a tech professional.

Just talking about your role, what you do in your job and answering students' questions about working in tech will be helping them to understand the digital world. Not only that but by talking about the other teams you work with, you can introduce them to the huge variety of roles in the tech industry.


Resources to help you create a fun session

You'll be bringing the school subject to life for pupils by helping them try an activity that shows the value of their learning in a work-related context.

There are lots of ideas and activities already available, created by computer science educators working with Skills Development Scotland. These are fun activities to get pupils working together to solve problems in areas like digital forensics and software development.

This means you can provide a high quality activity, aligned to the curriculum, that helps them learn something new. It’s a chance for the pupils to play with technology, and it means your session will be something different for them.



These resources are tried and tested activities you can use or browse to get some inspiration for your own unique session

Cyber Security Education

Ethical Hacking Lesson

Digital Forensics Activity

Software Development Activity

Cyberskills Live Lesson Plan

Cyberskills Live Lesson Plan

Gaming Career Poster

Live Lessons

Working with experts, we've created a series of fun and engaging lessons that are easy to deliver and are designed to fit a standard period.

These lessons have been designed in such a way that they support the teaching and delivery of learning outcomes from the relevant curricula and qualifications.


Case Studies

Hear from tech industry professionals and employers who have participated in the Tech Industry in the Classroom initiative.

Discover why and how they have inspired the next generation of tech talent.

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