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Cyber Security

Cyber security protects data, devices, networks, people and programs from attack, theft, damage or any unauthorised access of any kind.

Cyber security awareness and skills are vital for the whole of society, and it's not just big organisations that need protected.

From an individual's perspective, we store lots of personal information on our devices, so it’s important we keep safe online, and any small company that has an online presence, or uses digital processes and tools, needs to ensure they are also cyber safe.

Cyber security facts

According to an international survey, 68% of business leaders say cybersecurity risks are on the increase

Cyber security facts

One in every 3,722 emails in the UK is a phishing attempt

Cyber security facts

67% of Scottish Colleges deliver cyber security qualifications


Below is a guide designed to help you step into a cyber security career in Scotland.

There are many qualifications in cyber security available in Scotland. You can study an NPA in Cyber Security at school, apply for an apprenticeship, or study a master’s degree at University. View our new qualifications guide.

Education Pathways Video

Learn at school, get an apprenticeship or study cyber security at University. This video showcases the pathways into a cyber security career for ‘digital humans’.

Foundation Apprenticeship

Foundation Apprenticeships can give a taste of the tech industry in S5 and S6. You’ll get time out of the classroom and get to work on real projects at college and with employers.

Modern Apprenticeship

Modern Apprenticeships let you get started in a cyber security career straight from school where you work, learn and earn a salary at the same time. 

Graduate Apprenticeship

Graduate Apprenticeships allow you to study for a degree level qualification while working in a related job and getting paid.

Here's some learning opportunities near you

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