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Cyber Security Careers in a nutshell

Posted on 18/06/2019

In partnership with the National Parents Forum of Scotland, we have created a Cyber Security Careers nutshell. The nutshell can be the perfect tool to get you talking about future careers in Cyber Security. Check out their website here.

Music To Your Digital Ears

Posted on 05/06/2019

We were lucky enough to go “behind the scenes” of Edinburgh tech start up Skoogmusic to see the essential digital skills needed to create their award winning (and very unique) musical “instrument”.

The Skoog (and subsequently the Skwitch) have made making music accessible to all – no matter your talent level – with a particular focus on those with additional support needs, so they can truly enjoy the benefits of music creation and therapy.

Apprentices Fly High With Sky

Posted on 20/05/2019

If you want to see what a great opportunity (and what great fun) being a digital apprentice can be, watch this brilliant video from broadcaster Sky.

A big thank you to the company for letting us use the video. Their original post can be found on their careers website here

Who works in Digital?

Posted on 05/02/2019

You can’t separate digital technology from the brilliant humans behind it. Every success story, innovation and breakthrough begins with an idea. And some of them are utterly brilliant. Discover the people behind the brilliance. Maybe they’ll inspire you enough to join them.